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Green Light Young Judaea is a partnership between the Young Judaea, the Zionist Youth Movement of Hadassah, and Green Light New Orleans, a local nonprofit that installs free energy efficient light bulbs (CFLs) in homes throughout the city. Because CFLs are 75% more efficient, these light bulbs save money and lower New Orleans’ carbon footprint. Green Light facilitates volunteer groups to install the bulbs and provide education about other ways to save money and live more sustainably.

Young Judaeans are inspired to continue working with Green Light because of our commitment to the Jewish values of Tzedek (social Justice), Haganat Hateva (caring for the environment) and Tikun Olam (social responsibility).
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scred heartOur 2011 goal :

By partnering with Green Light New Orleans, Young
Judaea is involved in every step of the Green Light process leading up to and during our Alternative Winter Break. We hope to educate claresourselves, other Judaeans and the rest of the Jewish and non-Jewish community about the importance of taking practical steps to improve our environment and our communities in the US. Most importantly, we hope that the message of our work will encourage individuals to make these important changes for themselves.

Green Light New Orleans (504) 324-2429
Young Judaea, (212) 303-8283
Participating in Greenlight New Orleans was eye-opening.  Changing light bulbs doesn't sound like such a big project but it benefits the people of New Orleans in so many ways.  It is beneficial to both the community and the Young Judaeaenvironment. In some houses we installed over 30 energy efficient light bulbs which will save them over $1,000 on their electric bill for the life span of the light bulb. It gave me a whole knew view on how even the little things we do around the community can make such a tremendous difference. What was really interesting was to actually go into homes, meet and get to know the people that we're helping.
-Jake Groysman from Ontario, Canada

Did you know? CFL

• Installing just 1 CFL bulb saves
$45 and 447 lbs of CO2!

The 1108 CFLs that Young Judaea installed in 2010 reduce New Orleans' carbon footprint by 495,276 pounds of CO2, which is equal to the amount of CO2 that is released by the consumption of 33,586 gallons of gasoline. The volunteer effort of Young Judaea has also reduced the utility costs of 48 New Orleans families, thus helping to alleviate financial pressures and leading them on the path to a better future.
source: EPA

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